Why Migrating Your University’s LMS Is Easier Than You Think

This playbook delves into the fundamental challenges higher-education institution administrators often face when switching from one LMS to another, with an emphasis on the concept that the process does not have to be a complicated one. More specifically, the playbook features highlights from three different universities, including Northwestern University, Richland Community College and Northwest Vista College, that have all recently made the switch, illustrating how the process ran for each institution; the steps they took to ease the transition; the overall impact on faculty, students and IT departments; and, finally, measurable results following implementation.

Four Reasons Why Small Businesses Still Need a CRM

Many of us can relate: there is an overwhelming amount of customer information swirling around in our head, as well as scattered amidst email messages, old-school spreadsheets, and traditional paper files. A CRM is an affordable, online tool that helps you consolidate, organize and synchronize each facet of your valued customer data, saving you time by automating routine tasks.